In 2010 we set a challenge to produce an alternative fuel which could compete with fossil fuels from both an environmental and economic perspective. In this time we have developed and patented breakthrough technology, which successfully achieves this and more.


Through innovative development, optimisation of process, design of reactor and components, the construction of a pilot plant and the consistent analysis and testing of chemicals and fuels, we have created a commercial ready process. The technology can convert various organic waste materials into a drop-in waste derived Advanced fuel (also known as second-generation biofuel). Furthermore, we are able to undercut the costs of fuels from fossil origin, while remaining environmentally friendly with savings of up to 90% in GHG in its production. Our pilot plant is located in Spain, and can currently produce 150 litres/hour of fuel. The site is being used as an R&D and feedstock analysis plant for future projects.


The company vision is to become the advanced fuel company for the future, providing green and clean fuel to distributors and consumers around the globe in industries such as maritime, aviation, HGVs and consumer cars.